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    Slingbox Pro HD vs Slingbox 500


      I have an old Slingbox Pro HD (SB200-100) that is in perfect working condition.  Lately, I've been reading more and more about the Slingbox 500.  I'm wondering, materially, what does the 500 model get me that my old SB200 doesn't?  Specifically, does it get me around the problem of being able to watch another video source without changing the channel on my fiance while she's home watching tv ? 


      P.S.  Keep in mind I have Time Warner Cable in NYC with a Cisco STB.  I believe they use HDCP, so I'll have issues there...




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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello cwags12,


          Those are great questions and thanks for your interest in the Slingbox 500. There are plenty of cool new features with the 500 that aren't available with the PRO-HD. Independent viewing is not one of them, the Slingbox is not a stand alone cable box and you would still need a dual tuning cable box in order to view independently from a viewer at home on the same cable box. The 500 does have WiFi capabilities and a host of new features including My Media, a physical remote for OnScreen TV Setup and more.


          Here are a couple of links form our product and support pages with some additional information on the features of the Slingbox 500:



          Hope this answers your inquiry!



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