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    why does Slingplay work in the US and not on the UK firmware of the Sony device


      Sorry, cannot find the section for the Sony.


      just bought it yesterday from Currys and looks like I will have to  return it now as Slingplayer is only avaialble on the US sony model and  not the UK one?

      Is their a way around this?

      Western Digital  live system has the Sling Player and so does Dlinks Boxeebox and  Netgears new device for the UK, however the Sony is the superior product  and yet for Canadian and UK users they do not have the Slingplayer app  available

      My reason for buying this was to have the Sky  transmission downstairs "placeshifted" to my bedroom upstairs, I tried  using this system, as the house is too big for the usual 5Ghz wireless  AV transmitters.

      It is a shame I have to take it back to the store due to this policy of not placing slingplayer's app on it.

      As you will see on this video, the Slingplayer works great on the Sony in the US!!

      Is there a way to get the US firmware for the device here?


      Thanks for any help!