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    Remote Control problem




      I recently upgraded to DirectV Whole Home.  The main DVR is HR34-700.  I tried all the different remote options but nope worked.  Does anyone know which remote I can use in Sling Player that will work with the new DVR?  I have a Slingbox Pro.




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          Lynsey Newbie

          Hi ryandao,


          Thank you for posting in our on line forums! I do want to make you aware that all DirecTV remote controls use the same address so any of them hat you pick should work. You want to pick the closest one to your model. If you have already tried this then there may be something else causing the on line remote control to not work. Most of the time when this happens with direcTV  it is do to your actual hand held remote being set to RF (radio frequency) and not IR (infra red) This is something that you should be able to fix yourself by going into the "Menu" then "remote control" and then see if it is set to RF, if so change it to IR. If that does not work, please see the link below for further troubleshooting steps.



          I hope  this helps and please feel free to reply if needed.


          Thank you,

          Sling Media Moderation Team