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    After update, network status Lan on but streaming is off


      After the recent update I can watch my slingbox via LAN but when I try to connect outside my local network I get the message it's currently not accessible. When I view the status of my box while connected on my home network, it shows the Lan status as ON and streaming as OFF. Any idaes how  I can get the streaming ON in order to watch the slingbox from outside the home?

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello dalzo,


          Thanks for participating in our online forum community here! I do apologize for any inconvenience you're experiencing. I understand that you are able to view your Slingbox locally but are having trouble accessing it remotely and the streaming shows as off. Well the streaming status will show off if the Slingbox is not currently streaming, it's not really a status indicating that streaming is off entirely.


          As for the remote viewing, you may need to configure internet viewing. This may require that you manually configure your router. You can use our Network Setup Assistant or portforward.com for help with this, if necessary.


          Here are a couple of articles from our support site which should assist you further with this issue:



          Hope this helps!



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