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    Menu/setting button going inactive DCH3200 remote


      Well I tried online support and I guess I am out of warenty so figured I dorp a line here see if this will get any attintion.


      so far tested on fallowing operating systems

      xp pro 32 bit

      windows 7 64 bit and 3 diffrent pc's running this os and 2 diffrent cpu manufacturs


      browsers tested





      All have the same problem. when the remote loads the menu/settings button is active for a split second then goes gray/inactive. Once gray I can not access my cable boxes setting menu. This button was funtion perfect up till a day or two ago. I can't say for sure but noticed it last nigh. I know I used it to purchase a PPV on Tuesday Fubuary 26'th.


      If any one else is having trouble please let them know. I guess I was the first with the peson I was chatting with.