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    Wireless connection


      Hi I am having problem connecting my Slingbox 500 to my wireless network. It wouldn't connect at all. I was wondering how we can find our the MAC address of the wireless card in the Slingbox. Since this unit has a LAN and a wireless NIC I would assume it also have 2 MAC addresses. My wireless network uses MAC filtering and I would need to find out what the wireless MAC is.


      Thank you

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          It's BS that the MAC printed on the bottom of the unit is the ethernet and not the wireless.


          What I did was temporarily turn off MAC filtering, let the Slingbox connect, then go into the Attached Devices section of the router to see what the MAC of the Slingbox's wireless adapter was.  Then I turned MAC filtering back on and put that in the table.


          Again, total BS that Sling doesn't put that MAC on the bottom of the unit.  Way to bob and weave Slingbox!!