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    Slingbox works on my laptop but not my Cell phone or Itouch


      I am having issues where I can NOT connect to my slingbox to view from my cell phone and I touch. I can though connect to my laptop. my 3G is working fine (since I can connect to the internet with the phone and itouch). I can not figure out what to do????





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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Mark,



          If you can post back with these answers it'll help...


          - Can you watch on your laptop from both inside the home network (connected to the same router as the Slingbox) and from remote over the internet ?


          - How about over wifi on your phone and iPod from inside/outside the home network ?


          - If you go to support.slingbox.com and log in, you should see some information about your Slingbox.  Under Internet Viewing, does it say Setup Complete: Yes ?  Also, are there any alerts listed ?


          - On your laptop, are you using the full SlingPlayer version or just the Web Player (watch.slingbox.com) ?  If you use both, can they both connect successfully inside/outside the home network ?




          What you're describing might be related to how your router's port forwarding is set up.  The questions I asked will help isolate where the connection is breaking down.  Any other details or clues you have would also be helpful.



          - Az