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    combination apple tv & slingbox


      We are wondering if someone experienced a situation as written below, this is a technical solution we are asked to offer / install.

      We like to get some do's and don't's from experienced users / slingbox staff.

      It has to be a solid / stable sollution and must be used by non technical people, so it has to be simple.


      Setup for one user:

      We want to create a setup so that we can watch several sources (in this case satellite boxes) that are connected to a slingbox.

      The audio video needs to be displayed on the television somewhere else in the house which is connected to a apple tv settopbox.

      to control the sources / satellite boxes we like to use a ipads

      attached file pdf shows the single setup


      All the devices are connected in the same local network, by cable except the ipad of course.

      the satellite settopboxes / sources and slingbox are localised in a technical room.


      There are 4 users, and they will all have there own slingbox and sources.

      There are 10 televisions in the house and they are all provided with a apple tv settopbox and a ipad

      some television sets are provided with a home theater audio system

      All of the for users will watch / control there own slingbox and connected sources in any room/television.


      Is this something what belongs to the standard possibilities of the slingbox, and if so, which slingbox we can use best ?


      Best regards,