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    Sling Box 500 Video interuption


      So i have my Slingbox hooked up and while viewing TV on the unit it is linked with (Slingbox not actually in use) the video will intermittently cut out.  It seems to happed mostly while in commercial, but will happen occasionally while watching a show.  It seems as though the signal from the cable box is being interrupted as it passes through the Slingbox before it reaches the TV.  When it cuts out it is typically only for a second or 2 and will then come back on.  It may do this a couple times in a row and then go back to normal.  Anyone have any ideas on how to correct this or what the problem may be?

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          I have the exact same problem. I'm using Component only (if that helps). This happens when watching cable through TV and for me it happens almost exclusively during commercials (very rarely happens during actual TV programming). The screen picture gets all scrambled for 1-2 seconds before fixing itself (the sound also cuts out I think).


          I can't recall if this problem persists when viewing content through my iPad/iPhone, but the problem certainly exists when viewing from the TV where the Slingbox is feeding through (even if the Slingbox isn't in use, per-se).



          Cable box = Motorola VIP 12xx (Bell Fibe TV)

          Slingbox = Slingbox 500

          Connection Type = Component Cables

          TV = Sony KDL40W3000 (100% certain this error has nothing to do with the TV, all other inputs are fine and Cable box is fine when not connected to Slingbox)

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              Tyler.Sling Novice

              Hello crigobon,


              Thank you for posting in the answers forum! I'm sorry to hear that your video signal keeps cutting out. There can be a number of things that may be causing this issue. We will need a bit more information, to better assist you. Feel free to reply.


              • Does this issue happen when connecting at the location of the Slingbox, or when connecting remotely?
              • How is the Slingbox connected to your router? Ex: Built-in WiFi, Hardwired via Ethernet, etc..
              • What Devices are you trying to connect from when the issue occurs?


              Below is a link to an article that may help you troubleshoot the issue:



              Hope this helps!


              Best regards,

              The Sling Moderation Team