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    Suggestion: add 'Auto' stream quality

    OvCollyer Apprentice

      I find that depending on the time of day I get varying connection speeds from where I live in Istanbul to where my Slingbox is located in the UK.


      Sometimes I can stream to my WDTV in Best (HD), but then at some point the connection will go through a rougher phase and I end up having to drop the quality to Better or Good so that it is stable again.


      The PC and Mac web players have a functional Auto setting which adjusts the resolution according to the available bandwidth.


      It would be great to have this option available in the WDTV player (and indeed the other connected device players), and would mean that I could watch TV without having to worry whether I'm using a setting that might be too high and the stream could freeze at any time, or wondering whether I could shift it up to a higher resolution because he connection is good.


      The WDTV already has some of the functionality required because it indicates the recommended setting on the quality selection page, and displays messages about bandwidth if you lead the option on.


      So I'm asking if it could be enhanced into a proper 'Auto' option.


      It would greatly help those, like me, streaming over connections that fluctuate.