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    Advise for a network switch?

    burnside Newbie

      I've had my Slingbox Pro HD for a few years.  I thought there was something wrong with my Slingbox when it continually would lose a network connection.  Trying to troubleshoot, I thought I would simplify the network path and see if there was an issue there instead.  Here is the original path:


      Netgear Gigabit Switch (in office network closet) -> Asus Gigabit Switch (in living room) -> Slingbox ProHD


      I also have a Roku and a Tivo connected to the Asus Gigabit Switch which have never had an issue streaming content.  Still, I thought I would connect the Slingbox directly to the Netgear Gigabit Switch instead.  Since then, no network issues!  Bad news is that I still need a switch in the living room so that I can use my Tivo and Roku.  Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?