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    2 slingboxes on Same Network




      I have an interesting issue!


      In my setup i have a Direct TV sat box connected to one Slingbox 350 and Comcast cable box connected to another Slingbox 350 both 350's are connected to the same router and internet connection. I set up the Comacst first and the 350 gave a IP address ending 131 and network port of 5201 just as expected, I then set up the Direct TV and the 350 gave an IP address ending 126 but the same netwrok port 5201 and heres the problem, if the Comcast 350 is on 5201 then the Direct TV 350 would need to be on a different port i.e 5202 to allow rules to be created for internet viewing.


      Any help on how to get the second 350 to change to a different port would be much appreciated.

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          Playing around today with my setup, resetting one of the boxes a few times and finally it decided to go to a different Network port!


          Dont know what i did different from the first time, but i'm up and running!


          Sling please add the ability to change the network port like the older boxes!