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    Back to the LAST USED Controls Screen


      Hi there:


      In the older version of the SlingPlayer for Android Phones, you always get the LAST USED Controls screen when you reaccess the icons. In the new version, when you reaccess the icons, you are ALWAYS presented with the Main Screen where there is the Remote icon in the top right corner and Guide, Quality, Zoom Out, Sources, and Disconnect icons along the bottom.


      Is there a way to change this behavior?  I'd like it to SEE to the LAST USED Controls whenever I reaccess the icons. So, essentially, if I use the Keypad Controls to change the channel last and the Controls time out and disappear, when I touch the screen to get the Controls back, I would like to see the Keypad Controls again NOT the main screen.


      If there is no way to change this now, PLEASE add it to the next version enhancement.


      THank you...