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    New to Slingbox.


      Is it possible to watch on thing on home tv and another on slingbox? I find my slingbox controls the TV. I'm on a cable box.

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello cucycln,


          Welcome to our online forum community here! I understand you are inquiring about simultaneous viewing from the home location and a remote location when using your Slingbox. The Slingbox is not a standalone cable box and when you access it remotely you are taking control of your cable box or whatever device is attached to the Slingbox at home. Therefore when you press any remote buttons or change a channel, the Slingbox is sending that signal to your cable box (or other device) and that will change the channel, pull up the menu/guide etc. It is streaming the video signal from your cable box at home and the OnScreen Remote will communicate with your cable box the same way that your physical remote will at home, does that make sense?


          Here is an article from our supoprt pages with some additional information regarding remote viewing:



          Hope this answers your inquiry!



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