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    Recent streaming issue


      Until recently, I have had almost no problems with my Sling Box Pro-HD. For the last month or so, and after downloading the latest mac plug-in my download/streaming rate has trouble breaking 200kbps and often does not break 100 resulting in unwatchable streaming. Before this happened, I regularly streamed between 1800-2200kbps. Nothing has changed at home or where I access my slingbox from. Any help or suggestions?

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello shaylfox,


          Thanks for using our answers forum! I do apologize for any inconvenience you're experiencing. It's hard to say what exactly the issue could be without some additional information here. You said all was well before the plug in update? Have you tried other browsers? What operating system are you running on the MAC? Is the Slingbox hardwired to the router? Have you recently tested the nbandwidth at the Slingbox location to make sure nothing has changed?


          Here is an article from our support site regarding possible causes:



          Hope this helps, please reply back with additional information if necessary.


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              I too have the exact same problem. I am in Hong Kong, and the slingbox is in Tampa, Florida. Brighthouse is our local cable provider. Our slingbox has worked brilliantly for the last year and a half. This streaming issue just started about 2-3 weeks ago for me. In my case the slingbox has trouble breaking 100 kbps. I have had the local cable company look at the router, internet signal, and cable box. All appear to be working normal according to their tech support. I even had our tenant at the property where the slingbox is located, download and install the sling player on her laptop and view it. She was able to achieve speeds well in excess of 7200 kbps with no issues.


              Our slingbox status is hardwired to the router locally, and indicates that it is working properly. As of this morning the slingbox was completely reset to factory settings. But yet it is not streaming as it should be, as indicated by the streaming speed. I use a MacbookPro and our software is up to date. I use Mac OS X Version 10.6.8 and I have not downloaded any other new updates. The safari browser is version 5.1.7. What other issues can it be?

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                I have tried using google chrome, and after initial improvement, I was reminded why I haven't used it in the past. Higher stream rates are capable but they constantly roller coaster up and down. From 2200kbps to 200 to 1100 to 300 to 700 to 100 and so on and so on. While the picture is more watchable it constantly skips as it drops in and out of HD functional streaming. Besides that everything else is in order, and my Slingbox is hard wired to the router. I am operating OS X 10.6.8. Any other solutions?

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                Same issue for me.  I am on a mac and after the plug in the video is un watchale as it cuts in and out.   Need a pactch real soon!

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                    holmsey Newbie

                    Similar issue for me. Iphone 4 in standard mode can go as high as 800 kbps or more on 3G and wi-fi away from the house but if I connect to "auto" its maxes at 532 kbps regardless of connecting to sling pro-HD or solo and regardless if on home router, 3G or fee wi-fi etc. Love this to get soretd as the picture quality is far superior using auto and the rates i get are there to stream at this level if it would go above the 532kbps.