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    Watching Slingbox on multiple WD TV LIVE


      I am planning to setup a Slingbox system at home with one Slingbox 500 and 4 WD TV LIVE.  I haven't have the Slingbox 500 yet, and my question is that will the Slingbox 500 be able to stream video to all 4 WD TV LIVE at the same time, knowing that they will all be displaying the same content.


      I had the Slingbox solo before, and if I want to watch slingbox solo on one device, I will have to first disable another device first if one is already active.  But in the Slingbox 500 info, I found a feature "Remote viewing on 4 screens", and I don't know if this means one can watch the slingbox in 4 devices simultaneously without having to disconnect the other 3.


      I appreciate if someone can clarify this for me.