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    Surface Pro


      Can you receive TV from Slingbox Pro on a MS Surface Pro?

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello gesc777,


          Thanks for using our answers forum here! I understand that you're inquiring about the capability of streaming from your Slingbox PRO to your Surface PRO/ RT tablet. The PRO wasn't designed for use with the newer SlingPlayer applications and we don't have a SlingPlayer for Windows tablets available at this time either, I do apologize for any inconvenience.


          Here is a link from our product page which lists all of our available SlingPlayer applications and the requirements:



          Hope this information is helpful!


          Kind Regards,

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              OK. Please let me know when you have a player that works on this unit


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              SRALPH Newbie

              Typing this message from my Surface Pro, which I just picked up and am still figuring out.   I've had my Slingbox PRO for years, still connect from my Win7 PC with no issue using the old Windows Slingplayer app and/or the Watch web app.  Tried to connect to the Watch app from IE launched from the Live Tiles on the Start page and of course the page returns the non supported page/non supported device response.


              However, I found that if I go to the desktop mode first and then launch IE there then I can navigate to the Watch page and this time the application loaded a new snap in.  I was able to connect to my Slingbox.  However......the screen is chopped off on the right side so I'm not seeing the full screen.  So it works kind of...


              My other option is to RDP to my home laptop from the Surface and watch that way, which I suspect will not be optimal.