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    System can not find Sling box solo



      Just bought a Sling box Solo (Helsinki, Finland). My home network looks like this: cable internet coming to the apartment > via switch to all rooms > from the nearest internet outlet slingbox and Samsung Set box are connected. When I start to make a set up (connecting my MacBook Pro to the internet outlet in other room) - system could not find any sling box - stops at the step 1. I've made many times a reset of the sling box (for 10 and 30 sec.) but got the same result. (At the begining I was trying to connect all equipment to my WiFi network (via Apple Airport Express (old model) but after whole day of "practicing" i gave up and start to use old fashion way - cables).


      Any ideas why it happens?



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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello Krikun59,


          Thanks for reaching out to us here! I do apologize for any inconvenience you're experiencing trying to connect and set up your Slingbox. It's hard to say exactly what is causing the issue, but the first thing that I would advise would be to try connecting the Slingbox directly to your router via ethernet. This will help to isolate the issue and determine if the switch (wall jacks) are causing the issue. Once hardwired to your router, you should be able to run through Setup on Slingbox.com with no video. If you are able to complete the set up you can then return the Slingbox to the permanent location and hopefully get a connection.


          Hope this helps!



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