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    Low sound volume, humming noise - Slingbox 500


      I have followed the steps at the Basic Audio Troubleshooting KB:



      I'm still having an issue of only hearing faint sound and humming (you have to hold the iPad to your ear to barely hear the sound from the Slingbox stream, same with browser/laptop streaming).


      Slingbox 500

      Slingplayer for iPad

      Slingbox.com via Chrome on Macbook Air (Mountain Lion)


      The set up: Slingbox 500 connected via HDMI and component, and red/white audio cables to Motorola QIP7232-2.


      Video streaming via Slingplayer app and website works perfectly. However, on both the iPad and the browser the sound is barely audible and there is a humming noise.


      Other things I have tried:


      • 2 different red/white audio cables in case the supplied cable was faulty
      • Have tried watching in standard quality and still same problem
      • On both devices (iPad and laptop) audio from other apps or websites, e.g. iTunes, YouTube, etc. works perfectly
      • Reset the Slingbox 500
      • Reconfigured the Compontent input via Slingbox.com > Watch > Settings > Configure input


      Can anyone help?

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          I disconnected the component cables and red/white audio cables from the Slingbox 500 and connected the Motorola PVR to the TV using component and red/white cables.


          No sound on the TV. So I think the issue is with the analog audio out on the Motorola PVR.


          I'm going to Radio Shack to pick up a digital audio to analog converter. I'm then going to try using the digital out on the PVR and connecting it to the analog in on the Slingbox 500 via the converter.


          I'd rather try this than getting Verizon out here to replace or fix the PVR box.


          Fingers crossed.