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    Slingbox Watch "options", Which Browser offers best configuration Windows 7


      Is there a Desktop client for Slingbox in Windows 7 instead of the Browser ?

      If there is "no option" for that, is it possible to save a configuration profile to one iteration of your Browser.


      In IE9 I have all the features i like ON for Browsing, ie, Tabs, Menus and Toolbars, however, all of these are annoyances while viewing Slingbox Watch, and have to be turned off or on and the Browser reconfigured each and every time.


      Is there a way to save a "configuration profile" to one iteration of my Browser, as an Icon on my desktop, while not affecting browsers launched from my quick start menu ?


      Or other solutions like a Client based Player for Windows 7 64bit. Or, should i install Firefox or Chrome and use it soley as a proprietary player for Slingbox?


      All you techies out there, help me out here!


      Thanks in advance,