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    Work around for slingbox remote to bring up diag screen on Explorer SA 8300HD Cablevision?


      When using the remote in home I can hold the pause button down for 10  seconds and then push the page up button to enter the diag screen of  the box.

      Using the Sling Aplication for Windows v., I can use the keyboard to hold down the (=) to run through channels, is it possible or is there a work around to hold down the pause button for 10 secconds that will not crash the connection?

      Other wise I get this error:


      There was a problem communicating with the Slingbox. Try connecting again (Tell Me More)

      When clicking on (Tell Me More)

      An error occurred, tell me  more...


      • Error: 0x92360000
      • Context: 1
      • Operation:1010


      The pause button on the slingbox remote will not allow you to  hold the pause button down longer than 10 secs, it fails at exaclty 10 seconds.


      It does not error with the channel up or down button.