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    Audio Breaking Up


      I have just purchased the 500 and have noticed the audio breaks up after several minutes of watching on a pc but can watch for hours without any problem on a tablet.  Any suggestions?

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello granpawl,


          Thanks for using our answers forum! I understand that you're having an issue regarding your audio breaking up when viewing SlingPlayer for the Web on your PC. Have you checked out our system requirements to make sure that your PC meets the compatibility requirements for use with Watch on Slingbox.com? Beyond that, since the issue is isolated to the one particular machine there very well could be an issue with settings, the audio driver or something like that as well. However, I will provide a couple of links below which should assist you with some basic troubleshooting steps for audio issues as well as our minimum system requirements.



          Hope this helps!



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