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    Pro-HD logo and power lights just keep blinking


      I've had my Pro-HD since Christmas of 2008 and it has worked flawlessly up until recently.  Once it is plugged in to a wall socket, the slingbox logo as well as the power light perpetually blink.  I've tried re-rigging the setup and just simply disconnecting everything except for the power and no dice.  I haven't found too many articles, blogs, or forums discussing the issue but thought that because of similar issues people had, the power adapter might be the problem.  Placed the order and still the same story.  The reset button does nothing to stop the blinking.


      Has anyone come across similar issues and found any resolution to the matter without having to go out and buy a new device?


      I appreciate any and all assistance.

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi mxk5020,



          You nailed the highlights of what can be done through troubleshooting in your description.  If your Pro HD isn't responding to a hard reset (or at least changing behavior) and you've verified that it's not a power supply issue, what you've described points to an internal hardware failure.  A blinking Logo light might mean it's lost its configuration settings, but combined with a blinking power light...  that's not cool.



          I wish I could be more optimistic, but I think your Slingbox bought the farm....

          Hopefully others will chime in with reasonable things to check that you haven't tried.  I can't think of any though: you've done exactly what I would have done.



          I would suggest getting in touch with Sling's tech support folks.  Since you're out of warranty you'll get hit with a $30 support fee, but that should be taken off the price of a refurbished, working and warranted replacement.  Getting a replacement this way will be substantially cheaper than a new Pro HD (probably cheaper than anything used too), and you won't be taking a risk on unknown used equipment.



          With as many people posting here in need of a power supply, I'm sure you'll have no problems fencing the one you just got on eBay if you feel so inclined.



          Happy trails,


          - Az

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              I really appreciate the quick response.  I was looking for some validation about moving on from this specific unit and you gave it to me.  Any idea how much a Pro-HD refurb runs for?


              Thanks again

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                  ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

                  No problem, glad I could kind of help.     I like puzzles and would've enjoyed trying to help you sort out your unhappy Pro HD, but the symptoms you described and the remedies you've tried really sound like a failed unit to me.



                  Anyway... have a look at this support doc.  It's pretty clear on how things work:




                  Here's the relevant bit regarding out-of-warranty repair/replacement:

                  Picture 1.png

                  (Click to Enlarge)




                  $150 is a big chunk of change, but that's half the price of full retail and $50-75 cheaper than average eBay prices.



                  If you decide to go this route and contact the tech support folks, here's some advice to consider:



                  - There will be a $30 support fee to get started.  Before you pay that and begin, let the technician know that you've taken troubleshooting steps, looked over these forums and are interested in an out-of-warranty repair/replacement.  If they have other advice, that's cool- but it might save you some time.


                  - Verify that your $30 support fee will be deducted from the cost of a repair/replacement.


                  - The tech you speak with will likely need to go through the troubleshooting process from the top, make sure to call when you have time to do that.  I think it's unlikely, but who knows- they might know of something we missed.  I'm confident it's not your router though if that comes up.  If you blasted your router with a shotgun, it wouldn't cause what you've described.




                  Hope this helps, and good luck !



                  - Az

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                      I'm very upset.  My Slingbox Pro-HD is now blinking (the 'U' logo along with the network and power light) and unfortunately, I think it's bit the dust.  I barely used this unit and feel I've been cheated - I'm sure many of you feel the same way.  Does anyone think it could be a failed power supply though? I know that's wishful thinking but if anyone thinks there's a chance - I'll probably spend (waste) $20 and give it a shot.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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                          I'm in the same boat.  Just bought my unit on Ebay and installed it yesterday - worked fantastic.  Now this morning I see the lights blinking and no matter what I do, it won't stop.  My concern is that since I bought it on Ebay, I probably do not have a warranty.  I am going to call tech support and see what info they can provide about fixing this.  If I learn anything, I will definitely post it here.

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                    This happened to my Pro-HD as well.     Just touching the powercord seemed to make my TV hiccup since video/audio is passed though it.  It did get resolved after doing a factory reset and reseting the router.  However, I suspect the fix is temporary so I ordered the new power adapter.   I've had it for over 1 year so it is out of warranty now.


                    I've been using Slingboxes since the original hit the shelves and never had this kind of problem before -- hope to never have it again.

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                      I have exactly the same problem with the logo lights & power light flashing on my Pro HD, but it started with the network light dimming (it is now out completely).


                      I had a Slingbox Pro (the red one) that died when it was not long out of warranty & it was cheaper & a lot easier for me to find one (new) than to go down the return/repair route.


                      I upgraded to the Slingbox Pro HD so I could watch TV on my iPad (not quite sure, other than the obvious money-making reason, why the Pro wasn't up to the job & why Slingbox couldn't release a firmware upgrade for it) & this is the unit that has died within 7 months of use sitting untouched on a well-ventilated shelf.



                      I've gone down the reset (router & Slingbox), change cables, even change power supply routes, but nothing has worked.


                      They seem to make fragile units - I've never known of any other electronic kit being so dependent on & susceptible to its own power supply problems (that a lot of people also seem to have).


                      Got mine through Amazon & have registered its failure with them for replacement/repair, but I wouldn't be replacing it with another Slingbox product paid out of my own pocket which is a shame as I've invested many hundreds in their products over the years (2x Pros, 1x Slingcatcher, 1x Pro HD).


                      I'll let you know what Amazon come back with as that might be of use to those of you who purchased through them.  Other than that, any possible solutions would be most welcome as, based on experience, I'm expecting more problems in the future.