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    Viewing HD on IPad - Constant Freezing


      I've tried everything to resolve this issue but nothing works.  My Uverse service upload is 1.5 Mbps & the download is 12 Mpbs.  WHY CAN'T I VIEW HD AWAY FROM HOME W/O IT FREEZING??????


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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello TCA,


          Thanks for utilizing our answers forum here! I'm sorry to hear that you're having an issue viewing in HD on your iPad remotely. Is your Slingbox properly configured for internet viewing? Also, the remote viewing experience is dependent on the remote network speed/ bandwidth as well. It sounds like you definitely have adequate bandwidth at home, but I would also advise testing the speeds from your remote location. This can be done right at speedtest.net.


          Here is a link from our support site with some additional information regarding the issue you are describing as well:



          Hope this helps!


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              Your response to the gentelman bugs me because you are basically blaming everyone for not knowing how to work slingbox. I am watching my slingbox pro perfectly on my Mac OS via the web site. However I if I watch HD on my iphone or ipad it buffers constantly. Clearly the problem has started when Apple has sent out its IOS6. There has been three updates for IOS 6 now and I am sure with each one it probably sets back your development on your update fix. Please take responsability for not fixing this problem. I personally have paid for my Iphone app and I recently have purchased an Ipad and the ipad app and both are not work properly as advertised only on SD. Why can this problem not be fixed at your end,fix please or everyone who has purchased you Iphone apps give us a refund.

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                Not really becuase I still don't have an adequate answer to the question.

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                Same issue for me. I updated my ipad os version yesterday from 5.1 to 6 and afetr intall the latest version of slingplayer (2.2) i only can see use the SQ. The HQ stops working every couple of minutes and start again after two or three minutes.

                I have ipad 3 and slingbox HD.