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    Viewing/Recording Media While Abroad


      I understand the basic conceit of SlingBox - I can access my HOME CABLE SIGNAL (or someone else's HCS's ie. my parent's) while I am abroad.


      But, let's assume I'm piggybacking on my parent's cable signal.


      1) Am I correct in assuming that it won't adversely affect their device?  They will be able to watch TV regularly, and I won't screw up their TV watching experience in any way?


      2) Regardless of what they record and store on their home DVR - is there a way for me to schedule and record my own shows on a device that is physically wherever I am abroad?  What would that storage device be?


      3) As opposed to simply watching this content on my laptop or mobile device, can I playback that recorded content on a home HDTV?


      Thanks in advance for your help!