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    Recent S/W update for Slingbox 350 ?


      My 350 indicates it received some S/W update on 2/18? Now I cannot get full motion video, it is slow motion video.

      I use a hard wired connection, and not wi-fi.


      It was working last week fine and I thought it might be due to the new Flash update, but I de-installed it and went

      to an older Flash version, and still same slow motion video problem.


      Can we download the previous release of the Slingbox 350 s/w? Thanks.

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          It's the GPU acceleration that is not supported anymore in Windows XP. As I said, the video was smoothly rendering

          last week but now it is like watching slow motion video. Either the Web Slingplayer is no longer enabling the GPU accleration

          or the Flash is not recognizing it.


          Btw, I already rebooted my router and Slingbox as the support person suggested but to no avail.

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            brett.sling Newbie

            Hello zzz999,


            Thank you for using our answers forum.


            To help troubleshoot your issue, please verify that you have enabled hardware acceleration in the Settings > Advanced Settings section of newwatch.slingbox.com. If not, please enable this setting and let us know if you continue to see the slowness on the video.


            Thank you,



            Product Manager @ Sling Media

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                Hello Brett,


                Thanks for your response.


                Yes, I did ensure the Hardware acceleration was checked in the Video Settings section, and closed the browser, and re-started.

                However that had no effect and the CPU % was still high (upper 90s).


                I tried the embedded player, and after doing a "shift Q" to display the stream details, it indicates that hardware acceleration was

                being used, and it plays smoothly.


                This indicates that the Web Slingplayer using Vista with Service Pack 2 doesn't detect the GPU on the motherboard, but the

                embedded player does, and uses it.


                Can you confirm Vista SP2 does utilize the GPU when using Web Slingplayer?


                I have another laptop with Windows 7, and its Web Slingplayer plays smoothly.