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    Windows 7 32bit or 64bit?

    tcaradonna Novice

      I'm putting together a new PC(all new hardware) and I'm debating which OS to put on it.  Win7 x86(32bit) or x64(64bit).  Seriously, the slingbox performance is a major factor in my decision here as this is an HTPC system.


      Can anyone comment of what they think of Slingplayer for web running on Firefox (32bit) for Win7 x64? (I'm not a big fan of chrome.)

      Stable? No difference?


      FYI, not sure if it matters to you, but here are the hardware specs:

      i3-3225  (using on-board Intel HD4000 graphics)

      ASRock Z77-Pro4m

      8GB RAM

      120GB SSD (OS & apps)

      1TB HDD (data)

      350W 80 Plus Bronze

      HDHomerun Prime Tuner