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    Malaysia's Astro B.yond TDS865NA


      This remote binary has been requested here:




      But since there's no solution yet, I reposted here. Maybe he/she posted in the wrong section. How do I know?

      I've gone through all of the questions listed here:




      1.   When I run the Video Source set up my device is not supported (Checked - none works. I tried all of the Pace Satellite & PVR codes)

      2.   My On-Screen Remote control has no effect on the device(Checked - I tried almost all of the on screen buttons for all of the remote codes I tried. None works)

      3,   My On-Screen Remote has suddenly disappeared (Checked - this is not a problem. The remote appears)


      I also tried searching www.hifi-remote.com & Place Shifting Enthusiasts website. I downloaded all Pace TDS865XXX binary files and tried to upload them to setup.slingbox.com as detailed here:



      But I received the error that the binary is invalid. I don't know where else to look. Please help. Thank you in advance.