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    Slingbox 500 is connecting to local devices in "Relay Mode"

    Vifa84 Newbie

      I have two slingobox devices, a singbox pro hd and the new slingbox 500.  I connect through a boxee box and ipads at home and an iphone away.  I have no trouble streaming away to my iphone from either slingbox and as Ive been doing this a long time I have all port forwarding correct to each device.

      The problem is at home on the boxee box where the sb300 steams fine but the sb500 sometimes connects in "relay mode" showing a foreign connection ip and port(I assume is a slingbox server?) Obviously, if the stream is being relayed out of my local network it will be slower and hang which it does.


      My question is, how can i make my devices consistently connect through tcplan when using a local device?