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    cannot connect to slingbox


      I have set up my slingbox using set up assistance and can view my tv on this set up. When I connect to my slingbox useing connect I get the remote control which is working as i can change channels but it continues to optimise and will not connect to show a picture or sound. then I get the message cannot connect. Can anyone help please?



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          Lynsey Newbie

          Hello heathmere,


          First off I want to welcome you to our online answers forums! I would love to help you with this issue, but there are a couple questions that I have. What are you trying to connect to your Slingbox with? Is it a PC, connected device, smart phone or tablet? Also, what are you upload and download speeds at the Slingbox location and the location you're trying to view it from? Have you tried to connect on another device and if so is it happening on the other devices as well? Is your Slingbox setup for WiFi or is it plugged directly into a router?And lastly, if you're on a smart phone or tablet, are you connecting in HQ, SQ or auto? If you're viewing in HQ or Auto, try in SQ and see if you're able to connect.


          Here are a couple of links with some troubleshooting steps that I want you to try.



          If none of those article helps, please contact us by clicking on the "Contact Sling Media Support" link above and we can run some test on you Slingbox and also look into your router to see what could be causing the issue. I hope this helps and please feel free to reply is you need to!



          Sling Media Moderation Team