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    Help required - setting up Slingbox Classic.




      I'm attempting to set up a Slingbox Classic.


      The hardware configuration is: Slingbox connected directly to TV aerial (no set top box), ethernet cable to NetGear DGN200v3 router, laptop running Windows 7 Home Premuim (SP1). The network and power lights are on, and I've switched off the firewall (temporarily) but still I'm getting a "we can't find a Slingbox" type network error message.


      I've tried re-booting the router and slingbox; same result. I've tried different ethernet cables / ports; same result. I've used these ethernet cables/ports for other devices, so am confident they are working. I've logged into the router admin panel, and there are no firmware updates for my router. If I click onto 'attached devices', there is no sign of the Slingbox being connected.


      I had this slingbox working in the past, albeit with a different router - and recall this set up being as simple plug-n-play.


      I'd appreciate it, if anyone can suggest a solution (or tell me where I am going wrong!)





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          Lynsey Newbie

          Hi telepath,


          Welcome to Sling Media's online answers forums!  I see you're having an issue with getting your Slingbox to communicate with your router. You also stated that you have had this Slingbox setup before with a different router and it worked. What could be happening is that the Slingbox is trying to communicate with the old IP address of the old router. Below are some troubleshooting steps I would like for you to try.



          If the issue is still happening after following the troubleshooting steps provided, make sure your PC is on the same network. We even suggest hard wiring your PC to the same router that the Slingbox is connected to.


          Now there is one thing that concerns me and that is how you have your Slingbox hooked up. You stated you have it going to a TV as you do not have a set top box. How do you plan to stream cable that way? A TV can not be used as a output for cable, however you can hook your cable up to your Slingbox through a coaxial cable and then from the output of your Slingbox, run a set of cables to the input of your TV and your Slingbox will work as a pass through. Please reply if any further assistance is needed.


          Thank you,

          Sling Moderation Team