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    No Video Signal


      I have a Slingbox Pro connected to a Motorola cable box via coaxial. I also have coaxial running from the Slingbox Pro to the TV. I can see and hear the cable channels on the TV. This tells me the video singal is good to and from the Slingbox.


      When I try to setup the Slingbox through setup.slingbox.com my box is detected and I go through the setup process. This tells me my network connections are working.


      When I get to Video Source the setup defaults to Coaxial (which I am using) and I can see and hear the cable channel in the browser setup page for about 3 seconds. Then the setup page displays "no video signal". Clicking "check again" returns "no video signal". If I start the entire setup process over again (without touching the SlingBox, reset, etc.) I can see and hear the cable channel for about 3 seconds before losing the signal.


      I have repeated this process several times after resetting the Slingbox, deleting it from my Slingbox directory, and disabling my Norton 360 firewall. The results are always the same.

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          trivers1979 Newbie

          Hello wingnut_9798,


          Thank you for using our online answers forum. Sorry to hear you are having issues getting video on your Slingbox Pro. There are a few things we can try to troubleshoot your issue. Have you tried eliminating the Slingbox as a pass through (I.E. hook the cable box to the Slingbox and also hook the cable box directly to the T.V.)? Have you tried using a set of component cables from the cable box to the Slingbox?


          Here is a link to help troubleshoot your issue further!



          Hope this helps, feel free to reply back with any other questions or concerns you might have.



          The Sling Moderation Team