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    SlingPlayer for Web Windows Laptop Idea/Suggestion


      When using my Slingbox 350 on my Windows 7 laptop, it would be nice to be able to:


      1. Double-click a desktop icon and have the program launch without having to go to slingbox.com and having to enter user name and password every time;


      2. Be able to open SlingPlayer in a small window that always remains on top of other windows. For example, being able to open live tv in a small window and dragging it to the corner of my screen. Then being able to enable it to remain on top of other windows. That way a user could open another program, for example Word for Windows, or Internet Explorer, and the Slingplayer window would always be on top of whatever other program is running. This would allow users to watch tv without having to tab or mouse to the Slingplayer. I can't believe this is not already a feature. In the past i've owned computers that had tv cards and software that would allow this function.