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    Conflicting info about remotely watching tv.


      I have 2  DVR'S in my home and am considering a sling box 500 purchase.  I travel and would like to watch my local channels while away.  Does watching this remotely affect others at home while watching tv?  I have only seen one comment saying that is does and am trying to confirm this.  It seems that others would be complaining if this were true.  Thanks in advance for answering.

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          It all depends on your setup, hence the conflicting info.  The Slingbox does NOT have it's own TV source, it has to use some sort of video input from a device (DVR?) that has a TV tuner.   If that TV source is the same as the one the people at home are watching you have to watch the same.  If the Slingbox has a different TV source then you are fine.   In your case, you could couple the Slingbox to one of the DVRs and use that, while the people at home watched the other.  Or you could rent another Cable/Satellite/DVR box and dedicate that to the Slingbox.