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    Help to install a Slingbox Pro-HD and a Slingbox 350 at home


      Hello everyone,


      I hope someone will be able to assist me to resolve a problem with my setup at home.  I browse through  the various discussions, but it does not aseem to have ever been reported by somebody else.  I have 2 Slingbox devices connected at home as follows.


      1.) Slingbox Pro-HD (connected to my router with an ethernet cable): the cable from my cable service provider is connected to the Coaxial-IN of my Slingbox Pro-HD, and the Coaxial-OUT of my Slingbox Pro-HD is connected to the Coaxial-IN of my set-top box (note: I only use the Slingbox Pro-HD to watch the analog channels that are available on the basic service of my television provider).


      2.) Slingbox 350 (connected to my router with an ethernet cable): the component video-OUT and audio-OUT cables from the cable set-top box are connected to component video-IN and audio-IN of my Slingbox 350.


      My parents watch television remotely from their condo in Florida through the Slingbox 350 that is hooked-up on the digital cable set-top box at my home.  When I am away from home, I watch the analog cable from my home through the Slingbox Pro-HD.  It appears that when my parents and I are both remotely watching television at the same time, when I change channels on the Slingbox Pro-HD it interferes with the channel my parents are viewing on the Slingbox 350 in their location.  Is there something wrong with the way I've set-up my two Slingbox devices at home?  Any help in that respect would be appreciated.


      Thank you.