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    iPad for Dish Subscriber and Dish DVR 722k with Broadband Connection


      I do not have a Slingbox.

      Our Dish DVR 722k is wirelessly connected to broadband with a Netgear Dish Wireless n dual band WNDA3100

      My wife has an iPad 3. 

      She wants to use her iPad as a kitchen TV some of the time, watch cooking shows, live TV or recorded on the DVR, rather than having the big plasma TV on, burning $$$ KWhs

      In the ITunes Store the app promo for Sling App says it is for folks with certain Slingboxes OR broadband-connected Dish DVR Receivers, among them the dual receiver 722k.

      Soooo ... if I buy and install the iPad Sling App for my wife's iPad for $14.99 ... will she be able to watch Dish programming on her iPad, even though we do not have a Slingbox?

      Thank you!