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    No video signal


      Hi, I have a Slinbox SB150-110.  SlingPlayer reports that there is no video signal though audio and remote control are fine.  Ditto on Watch.  The Slingbox receives its signal via a SCART Adapter from a Sky box that is providing a perfect signal to the TV.  I have reset and reconfigured the Slingbox, reinstalled the SlingPlayer software and tried using the device via Watch - all with the same result, I can hear and control but not see.  I surmise that the problem is either with the SCART adapter or with the SlingBox itself.  Any ideas on how to determine which is at fault would be welcome as would any ideas on where I can get a replacement SCART adapter.

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          Hello Revoslob,


          Thanks for using our answers forum! I'm sorry to hear that your experiencing this no video issue with your Slingbox. It seems the only way to really determine or isolate the issue further here would be to try another SCART adapter. A replacement SCART adapter can be purchased right on Slingbox.com.


          Here is a link where you can purchase replacement parts:



          Hope this helps!



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