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    Suggestion: (combine inputs) Video from Component, Audio from HDMI

    JazJon Newbie

      I'd like to propose an Advanced combine input option suggestion.  Would it be possible to let us use the following in a future update?


      Video (from Component in)

      Audio (from HDMI in)


      I get MUCH better performance when I convert my HDMI to Component for slingbox, but you don't have a SPDIF input so it makes it tough to get audio.  I have a HDMI splitter so can easily continue having HDMI fed into the sling box for Audio Only purposes.   Would you kindly look into implimenting such an advanced setup feature?    Thanks!   (the alternative is having to buy a SPDIF to RCA adapter, but the ones that support 5.1 are over $100) The cheaper ones that don't support 5.1 output static when 5.1 is present.