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    Slingbox not working at all now - HELP!!!


      Slingbox has been working for about a month (I am in UK, slingbox in US). 5 days ago, we got audio and no video. Had family member check all cables, still nothing. Unplugged and replugged slingbox and cablebox. Still nothing. Hard reset slingbox, now cannot connect at all to slingbox (I can log in, click watch, goes through "initializing" and "connecting to your slingbox" and asks me for admin password, which I enter, and then indicates "there was a problem connecting to your slingbox. Had cable company send signal to cablebox - successful. Cable box is also changing channels (recording shows) - last night it was on channel 6, today it was on channel 3, which leads me to believe it is not the cable box. Reset router, reset slingbox, unplugged cable box. Still same problem (log in, initializing, connecting, request admin password, enter admin password (which is allegedly "admin"), then error message that there was a problem connecting to the slingbox. What on earth could it be??? Did the slingbox just break???