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    Low data rate


      Hi, I have owned a Slingbox 500 for about a month and have been satisfied until today.  My kbs per second is usally between 800 & 2200, but today it will not go over 100 kbs per second. This is not enough data per second to play anything at all. I have performed speed tests on my home network and my 4G LTE hot spot with very good results. I tried rebooting everything. I also tried to connect with phone, tablet and laptop and all had the same slow data rate.

      I use the slingbox 6 to 8 hours per day and have never had a problem like this.


      Any sujestions?





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          I'm having the same problem.  When I test the upload speeds with my computer I get results in the area of 2400 kbps. The rate reported using the slingbox test internet speed is in the area of 144lbps. The result is poor quality video.  Not sure why this is happening.

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              I have the pro-hd & been having the same problem lately. About a year ago I've had this problem until they updated the Slingplayer app, then I've had a steady connection & steaming was very clear. My guess is Sling needs to update the Sling apps & or the Slingbox software.