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    Help! Tivo button not responding remotely


      I am using a Slingbox Pro HD to access my Tivo Series 1.  Everything is set up and working when I view live television remotely, yet when I press the Tivo button at the top of the remote to access my recorded programs, nothing happens; it just stays on the live tv program.


      Incidentally, while testing it and having the Tivo up on my actual flat screen, it does indeed go the Tivo Central when I click the Tivo button on my Slingbox remote on my computer.  But as mentioned, it doesn't go to the Tivo menu on my remote computer.  


      Any one have any ideas?  Thanks.

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          tcaradonna Novice

          How is your Tivo hooked up to your Slingbox?  I suspect it's not and you are getting a direct cable feed.  Otherwise I can't understand how you get your home TV to display the Tivo Central screen, yet your slingplayer doesn't show it.  The other possibility I can think of, is you are not watching the current stream, but a buffered stream (not at "now now").  But I think it's the first problem.