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    Quality  (FIOS UL 30MB/s and Time Warner DN 30 MB/s


      There is no reason that the quality of my stream should be this EMBARASSING!!  Viewing in google chrome, the best rate that I am able to obtain is 500kb/s.  This was not always the case.  In the same apartment with the same setup I was getting over 3000 kb/s


      Hey Slingbox, I had fios installed so that I could always have the UL rates necessary to run in full HD.  What is going on here??  Also, slingbox why can't you offer any kind of support; you are the only ones in the game and that is not always going to be the case so stop trying to alienate your cusomters.  Start with an answer here (this is my third slingbox but only because the lack of other options).