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    SlingPlayer no longer for 350/500.


      upgraded to new 350 box...  like everything about box except that Slingplayer no longer works.  User must use web access.   Would seem fairly easy to have slingplayer for Windows or Mac be available for local network. Keep Slingplayer for local network and if outside local network, use the web access...


      REALLY miss the old software and how it allowed left and right screens, etc...

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          I second this request.

          We use 2 other slingboxes at my work to record scheduled audio events in another part of our campus. I bought one of the new SB 500's thinking we would be able to do something the same with video, using an HDMI input from a camera, but now the SlingPlayer doesn't work.

          Unfortunately, our campus' bandwidth isn't able to handle sending HD video and audio off campus and then turn around and bring it right back on campus, and there's too much of a delay compared to using just the SlingPlayer.

          Please just let the SB 350's and 500's use the software like the HD and Solo...