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    Audio is breaking up on low volume input


      I am having some audio issues with the Slingbox 350. The audio keeps  breaking up when watching movies while there is only low volume  background music or noise and nobody is talking. This happens with all  clients that I have tried (Web, Android, WDTV). It appears, the Slingbox  is trying to mute the sound completely if it is below a certain volume  level.


      The general audio output volume of my cable box  (Cisco Explorer 8642PVR) seems to be somewhat lower as compared to the  volume level of other A/V sources (this is quite noticeable on my TV as  well). Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to change that on  my cable box. However, these audio breaks are definately introduced by  the Slingbox and not the cable box. I have tried other Slingboxes and  get the same issue with the Slingbox 500. The Slingbox 300 however does  not suffer from the same problem.