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      I have two slingbox, one at home and the other in the summerhouse.  They had different name and I could change between them. Now am I in the summerhouse and after changing  mailaddress, I have missed  the contact with the home Slingbox, and every time I try to reach the the Slingbox in the account, the local Slingbox are comming up. I have disconnected the Box, but the acounnt say: "No Slingbox are in the net".  I am sure that the Box at my home are connected to the net and the two light are on. I have the Slingbox serienr. and the Macaddress, but Slingboc ID can not be discovered when I have no contact to the Box.

      I have tried to use an other mailaddress, but it did not help!

      Someone have a solution on the problem?