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    Can I watch a different channel in a hotel than my wife at home?


      Is it possible for me to watch a channel in my hotel room on slingbox.com (say...a baseball game) while my wife watches a different channel (say....House Hunters) at home?


      Thanks much...

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello aldenba,


          Thanks for using our answers forum! I understand that you're wondering if you can watch your Slingbox from a remote location independently from what is being viewed at home. Generally the answer is no, however there are a couple of ways that you can have this functionality. First thing to keep in mind is that the Slingbox is not a standalone cable box and whenever you press a button on the virtual remote it sends a signal to control the cable box at home. Depending on which model of Slingbox you have, you can alternately use the built in tuner rather than connecting an external box. This is possible with the PRO-HD, PRO, Tuner and Classic (the coaxial input). The other way that you can view independently is if you have a dual tuning cable box. With dual tuner cable boxes you can connect the Slingbox from output one and your cable box at home to output two.


          Here is a link from our support site which further explains the capabilities of a dual tuning cable box:



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