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    PC Remote



      I just got a slingbox, and I was wondering if it's possible to use a pc remote control to control my computer that I have hooked up to my TV, so that I don't have to get up, go to the computer and change the channel, pause, rewind, etc.?  I was looking at buying something like the Streamzap or something else.  Will this work?  If so, which pc remotes do you recommend without spending a fortune?

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          As a follow up, I have found two things.  First, I have seen statements like, "There is no provision for use of hardware IR remote control units while watching through the slingplayer, even when the computer or laptop has an IR receiver."

          Then, I have found another site that advertises that they sell remotes to use with slingbox.  This remote is a little more than I want to spend, but if it works, then I'd do it.

          I also found this site that shows you how to set it up with a certain remote.  I would do that, but I would prefer a remote with more than 17 keys.  Also, it's from 2005, so who knows if it still works.

          So, after searching the internet, I don't really know what to do.

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              ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

              Hi MBW,



              You're looking for something that sends regular keyboard commands to the computer.  You can control many (but not all) of SlingPlayer's functions with keyboard shortcuts.


              Any type of remote will work as long as it can communicate with your computer, and button presses are interpreted as if you pressed a key on your regular keyboard.


              Unless you find a good deal on used stuff, anything decent and usable isn't going to be super cheap (as in $25 or less).




              Keyspan remotes are a good place to start.  You linked to an older one, I think they are your best bet unless having a numeric keypad to enter channel changes is a high-value feature for you.  I like Keyspan remotes, I've found them to be simple, reliable and a decent value for the money.


              I don't know much about the Windows MCE remotes.  If there's a control panel or utility that allows you to assign keyboard commands to the buttons, it might work great.  There are certainly enough buttons on them !  The keymap would have to work in any program though, it can't just talk to Windows.


              Keep an eye out for deals on this Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard...


              Logitech's Product Page:






              It's expensive, but might be worth the money if you do a lot of "computing" from the couch. 




              The easiest (and likely cheapest) solution is the least elegant one.  Pick up a plain ol' generic USB wireless keyboard.  They're dirt cheap nowadays, it's not hard to find a keyboard/mouse combo for under $25.00.  It's but-tugly, but it'll work without hassle.



              Hope this helps,


              - Az

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                  Thanks for the response.  After reading your response, I googled Windows MCE and keymap, and this was at the top of the list.  Do you think that something like this would work?  http://www.lmgestion.net/@en-us/4/22/60/article.asp  If not that product, another one similar?  Thanks a lot for your help.

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                      ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

                      Hi MBW,



                      Yeah, that looks like it'll work.  Nice that they have a free version to take for a spin, from what I read it ought to be all you need.



                      There are three parts to what you're trying to accomplish:


                      1- An IR receiver for your computer


                      2- Software to interpret/implement received signals


                      3- An IR transmitter (the remote control)



                      LM Remote Keymap should take care of #2, although I'm not sure if it needs the MCE drivers.  I don't know if those are included in regular (non-Media Center Edition) versions of Windows.  LM Remote apparently replaces the MCE Keymap, but I don't know if it's still dependent on the MCE drivers for low level stuff.  It's a free download, so might as well try it and take it from there.   Like I said earlier, I don't know much about MCE.



                      A cheap MCE remote will take care of #3.



                      How are you planning on dealing with #1 ?  You need a receiver that'll cooperate with LM Remote, is your computer already equipped for that ?  I poked around quickly and spotted these combos:






                      Can't say they'll work or if the build quality is worth a toot, but the prices sure are right.




                      Cool project.  Good luck !


                      - Az

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                          Thanks a bunch for the help.  Yes, I need 1 & 3.  I've been looking at amazon, and those were two of the models that I looked at.

                          I am in Mexico, and I have somebody that will bring it to me in the end of June.  If this works, I'll post so that people can know how to do this.  It would be a much cheaper option than getting the slingcatcher, since it's been discontinued.  Thanks again for the help!

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                              ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

                              Glad to help. 


                              I've been experimenting with different remote control possibilities with the Mac Slingplayer for awhile now.  Keyspan presentation remotes and Apple's included remote with a program called Remote Buddy have been the best balance of ease and function for me.


                              Don't have too much experience on the Windows side, but sounds like you're off to a good (and useful) project.



                              Consider visiting placeshiftingenthusiasts.com, you might find some useful advice and equipment/software suggestions over there.



                              Happy trails,


                              - Az

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                      Hi -


                      It has been a couple of years since anyone has updated or replied to this post.  I am in search of a usb wireless pc remote that I can control my web displayed slingbox.


                      See, I have my laptop hooked up to my television to watch my slingbox, but I do not like the experience of having to use my laptop to change channels, fast forward, etc. 


                      It would be great if Slingbox would offer such a product ... but the couple I have found on Amazon all the reviews are from 2009, 2010 and I get the feeling they are more for Windows Media Player, etc. 


                      Could someone please post a link with a wireless pc remote that they are using for the web application of their slingbox?