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    Re: Slingbox pro




      This is my first time here. Any help would be appreciated.  I have an old Sling Box Pro HD (details below) running on Sling's Turbo using apartment electrical wires to transmit the internet signal from the sling box to my apartment router.  This arrangement has worked fine for a few years.  Last week or so, remote viewing turned bad.  Initially, the streaming became very very choppy and would then freeze. After thatm, every minute, or several seconds, I get a Network problem (usually a W220 error code) which totally stops the streaming.  If I reconnect, I can sometimes start the streaming for a few seconds or so before the reported network recurs.  I thought it might be the router.  I rebooted it several different times; I reset it to factory settings; I tried to match the 5001 port with the IP the Slingbox seems to default to (  It didn't help.  I then (remotely) accessed my Netflix account from that router and the streaming was ok.  From this, I conclude that the router is not the problem nor the delivery of the internet signal from my provider.


      I then reset the Slingbox (a friend came over to my apartment to do this for me).  That was successful and I then set up the SlingBox again.  I think the network issue was making the setup take some time and I had to do it twice or three times, but the Slingbox Pro HD got a successful setup and I was able to watch some streaming media (e.g. my cable tv program) for several seconds before it stopped and the same network error code W220 came up.


      The firmware before I reset was v 2.1.370   the hardware was 1.0.0


      The router is a Cisco wrt 610 N.


      Serial # is 6C8C251B5CD59B4CBE9555BA695B6E23


      Help and Thanks.