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    Need to Set Fixed IP address for Slingbox 350 ! ! Add "Advanced Settings" Please


      PLEASE provide the capability for advanced users to set a static IP address, default Gateway, Subnet Mask, and DNS for the Slingbox 350.


      In order to use the Slingbox on my home network and have strong WiFi signal I use a Cisco REPEATER.  My TV, BlueRay also have internet connectivity and in order for them to work correctly they needed to have a static IP, not use DHCP.   The same is true for the Slingbox but because it cannot set a static IP, I have to remove the repeater from my network.


      WiFi Config is:   LinkSys Wifi base station (with UPnP enabled)   <-->  Cisco Repeater <--->  Apple Airport express --> airport connected via ethernet cable to a mini hub which is hard wired to TV, BluRay, SlingBox.


      This might be an issue with the Airport, or with the Repeater, or the LInksys but it does not matter.  Setting a static IP works for the TV and BluRay.  Every modern piece of home internet applicance has this kind of advanced setting capability.


      A firmware update for the 350 would be appreciated please!