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    Slingbox 500 + Tivo + Boxee Box app =fail

    rpmiles Newbie

      Connected my new Slingbox 500 to my Tivo HD. I can watch  everything just fine with the virtual Tivo remote  using the website "watch tv anywhere page" and also using the ipad or iphone apps so I'm pretty sure the slingbox is connected porperly (via HDMI)  However I really want to watch this new slingbox on my big screen TV . I have a boxee box and the Boxee box slingplayer app  worked just fine on my old slingbox Pro-HD. On my Slingbox 500 it connects to the Slingbox 500 , but the DVR menu is greyed out. No clue why, but it makes the slingbox unusable with the boxee box if  I want to watch any recorded shows which is 99% of what I watch


      any reason, or troubleshooting I can do?


      or is there an undisclosed code command that doubles as the "Tivo" button ?